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Babysitting at Home
Babysitting at Home INR 10000 INR 9000

Babysitting at Home

Taking care of a baby is not a work; instead, it is the love, care and devotion We are always concerned for our children and would always like to give the best that is available, for them. There is nothing more important than them. And sometimes, we get too busy with our work schedule that we might not get enough time to be with them and do what is needed. During certain period of your child’s growth it’s important that they get the right care and support. We sometimes feel the necessity of a person who can help us with our child’s needs.

INR 10000 INR 9000


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Elderly Care/ Old Age Home
Elderly Care/ Old Age Home INR 12500 INR 11500

Elderly Care/ Old Age Home

We have retirement home, were we accommodate the elders and take care of them. We always want to be independent, but as we grow old, we might need some assistance in doing some tasks. Sometimes during our 80s and 90s we become physically and emotionally so exhausted and we may wish if we had someone to talk to, and share what’s running in our minds. And there are some situations when people are unable to stay with their children due to various reasons like less medical facilities in the region, children being in other country, etc. When we are far away from our native we really won’t be willing to leave our parent’s alone in home. Instead we prefer a place where they get proper care and assistance in all their needs.

INR 12500 INR 11500


Pay mode:COD only

Premature Baby Care
Premature Baby Care INR 13500 INR 12000

Premature Baby Care

Prenu Services have staffs with several years of experience in baby care. All babies need special care in their day to day routine. There must be a special care taken to keep them clean and hygienic. Baby’s nappies have to be changed too often in order to keep them clean. Otherwise, there is a possibility of developing rashes on their skin. To express their needs, the only language they know is crying. They don’t know any other way to express their needs, and as a parent it’s very important to understand why your baby is crying and what they need. It takes time and experience to understand what your baby needs and until then if you have assistance of someone who already have an experience of taking care of babies would be great. Since it is for our child we can’t give this duty to just anyone. There must be a special person to take care.

INR 13500 INR 12000


Pay mode:COD only

Specialized photography for -  	Maternity, New Born, Infants, Babies, Toddlers and Kids Model portfolios
Specialized photography for - Maternity, New Born, Infants, Babies, Toddlers and Kids Model portfolios INR 10000 INR 9250

Specialized photography for - Maternity, New Born, Infants, Babies, Toddlers and Kids Model portfolios

I want my images to touch your heart and create a timeless portrait that shows your child�s individuality in an honest and comforting way. I want my pictures to warm your soul in difficult times; to help you capture the wonderful moments that we all take for granted and have difficulty remembering. My Style Of Photography My approach towards photographing children is very unperturbed, casual, un-posed, original and candid. I believe that the best portraits are made when children are left being themselves. My style is simple, honest and full of fun, celebrating life, love and family. In each session, I try to capture something that is truly unique and natural. I am extremely patient and try to create an environment where everyone feels comfortable to let their true spirit shine through. Sessions are truly about you, your child and your family. It�s also about creating images you will treasure for all time. My desire to be a part of people and my huge friends circle has given me the title of a very approachable and friendly person. Being multi linguist gives me an advantage to communicate with my clients on a personal level which makes them more comfortable in front of my camera and lights Your view on my work is always welcome and appreciated because that helps me grow as a person and also understand your perspective Please sign in the guestbook to leave your comments. Your comments are valuable to me.

INR 10000 INR 9250


Pay mode:COD only

New Born Baby Care and Mother Care
New Born Baby Care and Mother Care INR 18500 INR 17500

New Born Baby Care and Mother Care

We would really love to give you our experienced staffs for the right assistance and care. The stage which is known as the postpartum period comes after the baby is born.During this stage a large amount of emotional and physical changes occur in Mother. This stage requires lots and lots of care to be given to the mother and the baby. The mother requires care and help, in order to regain her strength and come back to her normal state. She and the baby must have proper rest and a regular proper diet for coming back to normal healthy state. The Mother should never hesitate or feel shy in accepting or asking help, wherever needed. She should proceed with caution in doing her daily activities. Sometimes it’s too difficult for the mother to manage the baby as well as the family together and she may need someone’s assistance to take care of the situation in a proper manner. It’s always good to have an experienced person who has a proper knowledge of what has to be done in such situations.

INR 18500 INR 17500


Pay mode:COD only

The Chocolate Mansion -  Homemade Chocolates and Bakes
The Chocolate Mansion - Homemade Chocolates and Bakes INR 600 INR 585

The Chocolate Mansion - Homemade Chocolates and Bakes

Homemade Chocolates & Bakes ... No Preservatives Added

INR 600 INR 585


Pay mode:COD only

Patient Care/ Home Nursing Services
Patient Care/ Home Nursing Services INR 15000 INR 13750

Patient Care/ Home Nursing Services

During one's ill health, they expect a lot of care and help from others. Taking care of a patient and treating them at the right time is very important. There are situations when we need a person for home maintenance, walking assistance, physiotherapy etc. With old age, people might develop several health issues, and this is the time when one needs proper assistance, which helps to maintain the situation without getting into more severe ones. And giving proper care during this stage is very important for their recovery from disease. Proper nursing is needed for aged people and those who are bedridden for a long time. There are some precautions that we should take to maintain life safe for them. With a person at your side, who understands your health issues perfectly and who can act accordingly, can help you to recover faster. People suffering with diseases and who are bedridden for a long time, needs special care in taking care of their health and their lifestyle. This helps the person to rebuild their strength step by step and get better soon.

INR 15000 INR 13750


Pay mode:COD only


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