Nursing Attender at Home in Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Mumbai and Kerala – www.prenu.in - (Qatar and Dubai) Home Nurse Services For All - Timely Patient Care from Prenu Services Hospitality sector today has seen a revolutionary change in it. Revolutionary in the sense, of how fast paced improvement has been seen and analyzed and effective change has been bought when it comes to the case of patient care and their treatment. At Prenu Services, we have bought that revolutionary change in our style, by introducing the newest form of patient care treatment at home and emergency critical medical services provision is also provided instantaneously From Baby Sitting to Home Nursing services, Prenu Services have been a revelation in taking all the possible and necessary care to those, who doesn't have much spare time to devote for safeguarding elders and kids at home. Benefits that you can avail from Prenu's Home Nursing Home nursing can be explained point wise, so as to explain or to create the basic awareness and the necessity behind providing these services are highlighted as follows: 1. Long Term Ailing Patients: Long time ailing patients, due to physical, psychological disease or injury, often require sudden medical help and attention. Our trained nurses can provide the exact treatment, often done while going for a hospital like treatment, at the exact time of emergency. 2. Routine of Medicine: Often the patients require taking medicines at a regular interval of time. This can be physical as well as internal. Our trained nurses have been provided and screened in giving accurate and punctual dosage of the required medicine and they regularly monitor the state of the patients health, time after time. 3. Maternity services: : After a newborn has come to the house, they often need sensitive yet a vigilant medicine and vaccination issue medicines and their care. Often the mothers are weak physically; they require an extra hand in looking after her baby, and in taking care of its health. Our nurses have been trained expertly in handling baby care and their monitoring. 4. Expert Physician backing: In some cases, the patients require a different type of care and monitoring. It may be therapeutic, medicinal, or simply physical testing, when the patients need to follow completely a different routine, for which, they are usually prescribed to follow the rule of different dosage, diverse lifestyle changes and that too in a very short span of time provided. This problem has been carefully surveyed and deduced by our very expert home nurses, who have came to be trained in almost all the forms of medical routine following procedures 5. Pay for Care: Prenu Services run with a motto of providing a safeguarding environment and protection from our side for any patients enrolled or engaged in our vigilance. Since we have to protect a life and help, they battle out their disease, we are popular today because of how cost beneficial and dedicated we are in providing our services. We provide these nursing services at part time and full time services, depending on the patients health requirement and of course, your convenience. We, at Prenu Services, have been outstanding in providing extraordinary beneficiary and unbelievably necessary requirements. Our secret of success is rather a simple one, is to think different and be innovative. Innovation and dedication paves the path to the correct and heartwarming services. Today, people call us by our services, more than anything. For more information regarding our services, please login at our website for more help. Home Nursing from Prenu Services Home Nursing can be explained as the way of giving medical treatment to those people, when they seem to have no time in going for an immediate hospital or a rehabilitation treatment. Home nursing is particularly must for elders and those people, who is bed ridden for a long period of time. In case of medical emergency, our home nursing services can be a vital help in providing complete emergency medical support for the ailing patient, without taking the hassle of running to the medical center or hospital for medical support. With the help of our trained and skilled home nurses, we can assure that our nurses are well trained and well equipped in providing first aid services as the first important medical aid, which should be provided to any patient in case of a medical emergency. Our home nurses are monitored and they have a knack to execute and progress in giving medical need to the patients, giving them the correct dosage of the medicine, following up to the medical routine and of course, helping the patients in any medical checkup as directed by a physician. Why choose us for home nursing? Home Nursing is turning out to be a very vital and necessary part of our society, where people these days, are quite busier in their official chores that they hardly manage to give time to their ailing relations. Many women are also engaged in setting up their professional chores that hardly lets them to manipulate and give time to their kids and elders in the family. Starting from the daily chores to other factors, which contribute to the minds of many people in this generation, fall in the crisis of lack of attention. We, at Prenu Services, have bought down bright and lucrative solution to this crisis. As we are a renowned name in the city of Bangalore for being one of the most lucrative household problems provider viz. Baby-sitting, we have now shifted our focus to yet another branch of our service and health sector called home nursing. From year after year, time after time, the competition and revolution has challenged many, but we are the ones, who think about revolution, slight differently than others. Our claim to fame has been one of the highlights in safeguarding people and keeping their family connected and protected for years. Home Nursing is a field that we are developing quite fast. Our advanced services and technically equipped paramedical services are of quite a high standard. The safeguarding of the family more comfortably is our motto, for which we have been working year after year. Nursing Attender at Home in Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Mumbai and Kerala – www.prenu.in - (Qatar and Dubai)
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